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Continuing our ascendant course, we are opening an internet communication window.

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The company is successfully engaged in the extraction, processing and disposal of marbles..


Atlas marbles was established at 1985 by Tsimas Vasileios, Tsimas Georgios, Tsimas Ioannis and Gelis Xaralampos. Our company’s head office is located at village Klimatia-Ioannina.    

The last 32 years,we offer our services and our finest products in Greece and many other countries like Italy,Germany,USA,Brazil,China etc.

Our company, nowadays, has the largest marble processing unit in Epirus and owns 4 quarries at: 1)Klimatia-Ioannina , 2) Demati-Ioannina, 3) Peristeri-Ioannina     and                     4) Prilep-Skopje(Vardarska.)

We are also supplying and processing different types of marbles from Greece(Thasos,Tinos,Kozani,Naxos) and other countries(Vardarska,Turkey).

Our  two marble processing units can produce 8.000 square metres per month for floors and 2.500 for special sizes(depends on the first material) as we own the proper equipment for the best results: 2 Gang Saws, 3 Table Cutters, 4 Block Cutters(Vertical&Horizontal), 2 Polishing Lines,1 Resin line with oven, 1 Burner, 1 Sandblasting machine,1 Bush hammering machine and 8 Cross cutiing machines.

Our  big experience from travelling in the world of marbles for all of these years, guarantees the very finest standards of services for our clients.


<< Because Marble is luxury>>



Our company’s staff uses and processes first materials mainly from our own quarries, in order to create the finest products such as: floor marbles, special-sized marbles, stairs, tiles, blocks etc.