Atlas marbles was established at 1985 by Tsimas Vasileios, Tsimas Georgios, Tsimas Ioannis and Gelis Xaralampos. Our company’s head office is located at village Klimatia-Ioannina.

It has been successfully operating in the extraction, processing and disposal of marbles.

The company is based in Klimatia, in the municipality of Zitsa, in Ioannina, on a privately owned site, which includes the administration offices, the marble cutting, processing and storage areas.

The company is also active in the extraction of marble by exploiting two quarries for its own use, located in Klimatia, in the Municipality of Zitsa, in Ioannina and in Demiti, Zagori.

The company supplies the raw material mainly from its own quarries and then the workers of the company processes the volumes of marbles so as to produce the company’s finished products such as: floor marble, special size marble, stairs, tiles, blocks, crate boards, decorative items for lining, fillets, etc.

For the distribution and distribution of the finished product the company uses privately owned trucks.