1. Quarry in Klimatia Ioannina

Since 1985 our company’s self-owned quarries at Klimatia, a small village placed at Ioannina, are producing the original marble of Ioannina (Gianniotiko), a unique type of marble because of its special characteristics and its light cream colour that changes depending on the depth of the quarry. The most famous varieties of Gianniotiko marble are: 1)Special, 2)Vraxos, 3)Ogdontari, 4)Kormos.

2. Quarry in Demati

At village Demati,at Ioannina, our staff produces the unique Demati marble in our own quarry since 1996.                                                                                                                          Demati marble has a special grey-olive green colour which, in combination with its resilience at all weather conditions and processing, makes it rare and famous in all over the world.

3. Quarry in Peristeri

Our company owns another quarry at a small village located at Ioannina, called Peristeri. There, since 2011 we produce a new type of marble: Peristeri marble(Caramel Baige).

4. Quarry in Vardarska

Since 2010 our staff of our own quarry at Prilep-Vardarska produces a special as well as unique type of marble in two different varieties: 1) Bianco Nuvolato and 2) Grigio Nuvolato.